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Our mission on these pages is to help those in East Africa, who are called by God to learn and hold to the truth that has been given to us by God through Jesus Christ, the prophets, and apostles. The Churches of the World have gathered followers. Their followers (members) are expected to trust and be loyal to the churches. God does not approve of this and He sent the apostle Paul to warn of this. ( 1 COR 3:1-11)
For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years have passed since Jesus Christ presented the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the rulers and peoples of the world. After all that time, have we lost any of His teachings? It seems so! We find that today’s gospel message, taught Sunday by Sunday, differs from the one originally presented by Jesus Christ and His apostles.
On this web site we are presenting a deep study of the Faith Once Delivered and revealing some significant fundamental differences found in modern theology. A good understanding of the gospel message, as it was correctly taught in the Early New Testament Church, will enhance our walk of faith.

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