George Otara letter

Greetings elder Leslie,
Thank you for the whole assistance you gave us which has enables the believers here to assemble and celebrate the feast this year. May God bless all those who contributed towards this assisitance.
I started joining the believers of Isiolo and Meru Maua at Isolo Mwangaza where they are going on celebrating the Feast. i then joined the Nairobi believers at our Embakasi center where i spent a day and halve with them celebrating the feast before i traveled to Kisii where i joined the believers here at S Mogirango, Mochengo center. I was with them on the Sabbath and Sunday and i left them going on well.
Today am clossing the boarder to Tanzania where i will join the Lamadi people before i and Joel Manoni travels to Nansio Ukelewe where we will join the believers there for the feast.  I hope to stay there up to the “last great day” before coming back to Kenya.  They however asked me to stay in Tanzania until on the Sabbath day so that we can visit a new group there and give them some teachings.  I will inform you through the phone on how we will be going on there.
May we remember each other through prayers during this year”s feast. We hope you are going on there well. Thank you and may God bless you all.

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